International Health Care

Xi'an International Community cooperates with the world's top medical institutions to build an international health medical center with international hospital, rehabilitation center and elderly care center with an international medical team, international advanced medical equipment and internationally-accepted medical service concepts. Supported by international high-end sports, health and leisure industries represented by Feng River Liangjiatan Sports Park, yacht club, and equestrian club as well as sports and recreational facilities such as bicycle ring line, American football field, baseball field, jogging track, etc., foreigners and elites are provided with health guarantee and healthy life with international quality.

Xi'an International Community Healthcare Center

Located on the east bank of the Feng River in the area, the business and heathcare sector covers an area of 219 mu. Through the integration of international medical and health resources, world-class medical institutions have been introduced to form an international health medical center that integrates international hospitals, rehabilitation centers and elderly care centers. The project is actively engaged in business negotiations and plans to cooperate with international medical brands such as the Rhine Hospital of Germany and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It plans to complete the investment negotiation and project confirmation in the first half of 2018, start construction in the second half of the year and put it into use in 2020.

Feng River Liangjiatan Sports Park

In order to create an international lifestyle and meet the high-end sports and leisure needs of foreigners of major projects of Samsung, Micron, and Johnson, and other foreign companies, the international community has leveraged on the land on the west bank of the Feng River to plan and construct high-end sports and recreational functions such as golf and equestrian sports park. In the future, it will be able to meet the needs of undertaking international championship-level events, form a high-end technology and business exchange platform, and promote engine upgrading and economic development. At present, the High-tech Zone has submitted application for the hosting of the 14th National Games Golf Tournament to relevant departments of the provinces and cities.  It is expected that the declaration will be completed in 2018 and the construction of follow-up courts, sports clubs, etc. will be started. In 2021, it will be put into use.

Governor’s Steed Park Country Club

Governor Liang Nai used to ride his horse here. With such historical background, the project combines western equestrianism leisure culture and the Chinese polo to build a middle-sized horse ranch of professional training base standards. This is an equestrian club integrating the functions of horse riding, equestrian training, business and leisure, business reception, industrial exchange, etc., becoming an important cultural and leisure venue for foreigners to experience special regional culture in China. The project takes up about 150 mu of land, and total investment is about 495 million yuan.

International Health Care
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